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ch.07 Apr 24, 2020
Many of you might have heard of the word, “Golden ratio”.
The golden ratio was often used in ancient buildings and paintings. However, it is also used in various places familiar to our daily lives, and it’s just that we are not aware of them.
But why did people pursue the “golden ratio” so much? And what is it’s actual ratio?
In this movie, we will explain in detail what a “golden ratio” is, using specific examples.

【Opening video】
The opening video was created by the following companies.
‣Rhizomatiks Architecture:https://rhizomatiks.com/
‣TYO Drive:https://group.tyo.jp/tyodrive/
‣EDP graphic works:http://www.edp.jp/

※RiSuPia is a hands-on museum inside Panasonic Center TOKYO that enables you to experience the fascination of science and mathematics. (As of 2020)


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