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ch.07 Apr 24, 2020
Have you ever seen what a honeycomb looks like?
If you look closely, you can see that a honeycomb is consisted of many hexagon shaped rooms gathered together without any gaps.
As seen in honeycombs, a structure which regular hexagons are lined up without any gaps is called a “honeycomb structure”.
But why is a honeycomb consisted of hexagon shaped rooms, and not triangle or square shaped rooms?
In this movie, we will explain this reason as we look into “honeycomb structure” furthermore.

【Opening video】
The opening video was created by the following companies.
‣Rhizomatiks Architecture:https://rhizomatiks.com/
‣TYO Drive:https://group.tyo.jp/tyodrive/
‣EDP graphic works:http://www.edp.jp/

※RiSuPia is a hands-on museum inside Panasonic Center TOKYO that enables you to experience the fascination of science and mathematics. (As of 2020)


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