Event Report - One Year to Go to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games [Panasonic]

ch.07 Nov 06, 2019
Can we view and draw the Paralympic Games in more diverse way? What is the Paralympic Games for you?

Panasonic Center Tokyo try to present the “Diversified View” of the Paralympic Games through events and videos on this occasion one year before the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

This time, we will introduce events commemorating the Paralympic Games one year ago, held at Panasonic Center Tokyo on Saturday, August 24, 2019.
The first series of events titled "The Power of the Paralympic Games", through the story of a guest representative of the various fields, we learned beauty as a sport of the Paralympic Games, the story of each Paralympian, and various media point of view.

In the second, we held a workshop titled “Let's make original New MO!” with Olympians and Paralympians thinking about inclusive sports that anyone can enjoy.
“New MO!” was devised based on Japanese traditional sports, Sumo, and is a simple sport that pushes out opponents and hits balls in a ring that looks like a sumo ring.
All participants enjoyed “New MO!”while communicating with each other through their bodies and facial expressions.

Through this movement, we aim to shake the “preconception” of the Paralympic Games, to support each person's view of the Paralympic Games, and to be an opportunity for each person's actions towards the realization of an inclusive society in 2020 and beyond.

■ Please see here for details of the events.

■Guests for First event
[Part 1 Paralympic expression]
Masaaki Hiromura (graphic designer)
[Part 2 Paralympic Games and Media]
Kazuki Kamada (Representative Director and CEO, UUUM Co., Ltd.), Eigo Matsuzaki (Executive Director and Secretary General, Japan Blind Soccer Association), Naohiko Ueno (Sports Writer, Manga Original Author, Manager)
[Part 3 Paralympians' story]
Katsutoshi Kawai (Manga artist), Shizuka Hangai (Paralympian Judo), Kevin Orr (Director of Japan Wheelchair Rugby), Yukinobu Ike (Paralympian Wheelchair Rugby)

■Guests for Second Event
Yuka Murofushi (Olympian hammer throw), Aki Taguchi (Paralympian shooting), Shizuka Hangai (Paralymian Judo), Kevin Orr (Director of wheelchair rugby Japan), Yukinobu Ike (Paralympian wheelchair rugby)

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