PA!GO - An experiment for explorers with Google -Smart educational toy boosts children's curiosity

ch.03 Jun 26, 2019
"PA!GO" - Smart educational toy that boosts children's curiosity

PA!GO is an innovation project by Panasonic Design FUTURE LIFE FACTORY utilizing Google's technology, to design and develop an educational and entertaining product for kids that encourages them to explore play and learn.
Nowadays, young children know how to unlock mobile devices before they can even tie their shoes. We need to ensure we’re not letting technology take over a child’s imagination and curiosity but rather nurture it. So, instead of reducing their exposure to technology, we asked ourselves how could we use it to encourage them to spend more time outside and learn about the world around them?
We decided to turn the ubiquitous remote-control into something that would allow children to interact with the real world in a new and magical way instead of relying on a screen.



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