Thinking the future sport with Olympian & Paralympian @Panasonic Center Tokyo

ch.07 Jun 15, 2019
Can we overcome the handicap and language barriers, and create a sport that everyone can share?
What if you could share the fun of sports with everyone, including those who can not see, listen, speak?

Panasonic Center Tokyo held an event with Olympian and Paralimpian to think about the future way of sports on April 13, 500 days before the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, together with young changemakers acting to establish more inclusive society, "MIRAIGENGO"project and "Braille Neue" project.

Through the event, the participants experienced the world of who cannot see, listen and speak, and discovered the new way of sports for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.
If everyone considers each other, it may be possible to realize a sport that any kinds of people can enjoy.
Please take a look at this event report.

Ms. Yuka Murofushi (Olympian, Hammer Throw) / Ms. Ari Ichihashi (Olympian, marathon) / Mr. Miho Hamada (Paralympian, Sailing & Rowing) / Mr. Shigeo Yoshihara(Paralympian, High Jump, Cycling) / Ms. Shizuka Hangai (Paralympian, Judo) / Mr. Tomoaki Imai (Paralympian, Wheelchair Rugby) / Mr. Ryuhei Tachibana (Para-athlete, Wheelchair Tennis)

Cooperation with: The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games
Under the auspices of : Japan Paralympic Committee
Worked together with: MIRAIGENGO(, Braille Neue (

MIRAIGENGO and Braille Neue which had worked with us, are the projects joining 100BANCH, an experimental district that enriches the world for next 100 years. Over 100 projects are doing a wide variety of experiments every day at 100BANCH.
For more information :
Panasonic Center Tokyo has been making efforts to create opportunities for thinking about a more inclusive society as a Diversity & Inclusion project.Please refer to the following for the first activity (Diversity & Inclusion -Turning Various Differences into Multiple Values-).

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