Panasonic Center TOKYO: Special Exhibition The Moment—Artistic way of looking at sports

ch.07 Dec 12, 2018
The Panasonic Center Tokyo is running the Let's Build Tokyo Together interactive activity project. Authorized as part of the Tokyo 2020 Official Programme, this project promotes a wide range of activities featuring sports, culture, and education until 2020 bringing together children and young people, who will become major players in the next generation, with an eye on handing over our heritage to the Tokyo of the future with the participation of as many individuals as possible.

The event is a photographic exhibition with a primary focus on culture. The French duo Audic-Rizk, who have artistic roots in Tokyo, will express athletes' vitality to the max in photos and highlight their crowning moments with Panasonic's projector called Space Player.
Commemorating the 160th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and France, we will further boost cultural exchanges between France and Japan, and communicate the attractiveness of sports toward the Tokyo 2020 Games and the Paris 2024 Games through photographic artwork.
We will also have activities based on the theme "Sports × Photos."

Exhibition: Tuesday, October 2 - Sunday, December 2

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