Panasonic @CIIF2018 "Front Store・Back Factory"

ch.06 Sep 30, 2018
Panasonic exhibited its Intelligent manufacturing solutions which realize "Front Store and Back Factory" at CIIF 2018.
In this industrial exhibition, Panasonic simulated and displayed the intelligent manufacturing process in the arrangement of "Front Store and Back Factory". According to the customer's requirements, it will complete the process of receiving order, have the factory perform the production process according to the customer's requirements given by the order and deliver the final products to the customer. The exhibited IoT products include the MES, Asprova, IMS, PanaCIM, iLNB, P-Box, Motionboard, and ECO control panel. The equipments cover the whole process from wafer manufacturing, to semiconductor engineering, SMT (surface mounted technology) and assembly engineering.
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