Kyoto KADEN Lab. Phase 2 | GO ON x Panasonic Design

ch.03 Jun 27, 2018
As the second phase, the Kyoto KADEN Lab. developed 5 prototypes in time for the launch of the Kyoto design hub under the concept, "Electronics Meets Crafts: Engraving Phenomena." During the first phase, not only did Panasonic create prototypes that awakened the "5 senses" and "memories," it also took a closer look at what makes products attractive. And in phase 2, because Panasonic believes that it is indeed the feelings and experiences that are deeply engraved in our hearts, like the beauty of the scarlet red flames or the comfort of the gentle breeze that people have identified from long ago to have enriching value, Panasonic developed designs that embody such phenomena.
(During the first phase, Panasonic created 10 prototypes of future consumer electronics that awaken the "5 senses" and "memories" under the concept, "Electronic Meets Crafts.")

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