Luggage-free Travel in Japan - Panasonic's OMOTENASHI Hospitality Solutions

ch.02 Apr 22, 2018
Toward 2020, Panasonic is developing and promoting various solutions in order to make Japan more enjoyable to many foreign visitors to Japan. (* Some solutions at the stage of demonstration experiment also included in the video.)
LUGGEAGE-FREE TRAVEL that carries large luggage according to your itinerary, translation solution that allows you to talk with foreigners in their own languages, bike sharing which can be rented to easy, "VOGO Sports" which expands new ways of enjoying sports watching, a hospitality Robot "HOSPI", Robot Electric Wheelchairs that can travel autonomously at the airport and so on. Keep your eyes on the Panasonic's hospitality solutions now and in the future.

Megaphone-shaped Translator:
Autonomous Delivery Robot, "HOSPI(R)":
Public Testing of Information Universal Design begins at Haneda Airport:
Docomo Bike Share SMART SHARING:

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