Shelters with Green Air-Conditioners [Panasonic]

ch.06 Feb 19, 2017
In a world where global warming and urban heat island phenomena continue to accelerate, Panasonic offers what will be a “legacy of hospitality” – countermeasures for the heat.
In addition to the monument-type Green Air-Conditioners, Panasonic proposes placing its Green Air-Conditioners in bus stops with the newly developed shelter-type, which can be installed in pre-existing facilities, in collaboration with Sekisui Jushi Corporation.
Panasonic’s proprietary very fine mist is only 10 microns in diameter and cools people down quickly after it touches the skin. This mist also lowers the temperature of the surrounding air, providing a comfortable atmosphere.
The produced stream of air, an “air curtain,” creates a pleasantly cool spot within the bus stop area. Panasonic hopes to deliver the Green Air-Conditioner to more places in addition to bus stops, such as around train stations, parks and businesses.

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