Power Supply Station gives peace of mind to villagers living in fear of snakes

ch.02 Sep 23, 2016
Numerous species of venomous snakes such as vipers and cobras may be found in the Dry Zone of central Myanmar. Each year, 15,000 people get bitten, and approximately 300 people lose their lives(*).
The MFL foundation in Thailand promotes the "SUSTAINABLE ALTERNATIVE LIVELIHOOD DEVELOPMENT PROJECT" in Myanmar. Many villagers and livestock in Myanmar suffer from snakebites. Believing that this is a major issue that prevents the improvement of people's livelihoods, the MFL equips villages with snake serum and helps train health workers as part of its activities.
Having said that, until recently, snake serum was stored in small coolers handmade by engineers from the foundation. Sometimes these coolers broke down, so there were concerns about their ability to stably store the snake serum.
That is why the MFL took interest in the installation of Panasonic's stand-alone photovoltaic power package, the "Power Supply Station." Using funds donated to MFL by Mitsui & Co., Ltd. as part of its CSR activities, the Power Supply Container was delivered to Yin Ma Chaung Village. Now that the village has electricity, it can not only store snake serum in refrigerators, but the streets can be brightly lit, helping prevent unexpected encounters with snakes.
Electricity was also supplied to the community center, enabling the villagers to organize reading classes, study sessions, and get-togethers, bringing the community closer.
Through the sale and donation of products equipped with solar power generation and energy storage technologies such as Power Supply Stations as well as solar storage and solar lanterns Panasonic hopes to help solve issues of poverty, health, employment, etc. in areas without access to electricity and disaster-stricken areas.

*Epidemiological survey on snakebites in Southeast Asia, WHO, 2014.


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