Panasonic_ER-GC71,GC51_Caesar Cut_Five O’Clock Shadow:1. Professional

ch.01 May 08, 2016

-Hair : 21st Century Caesar
The Caesar cut became popular in the 90s, and
variants remain hip today. What ties them all
together are the more or less horizontal bangs
and the short, rounded look overall. The version
presented here has rough bangs for modern flair.

-Beard : Five O’Clock Shadow
Don’t fight that heavy beard—just tame it a little.
Five o’clock shadow adds a touch of spice to a
formal style, making a sexy, cool impression.

-Clothes : Suit and Tie
The trick is to rock the suit with a touch of
rebellion. The first step is to get a conservative
suit that fits you perfectly—no compromises! The
second step is to accessorize and personalize.
The tie and pocket square are two places where a
splash of color is in order. Or make the tie and
pocket square conservative while letting the shirt
stand out. Don’t forget cufflinks, belts, and shoes
as further opportunities to project a style!