Panasonic's AV solutions at a museum in Chile, South America – MUI Museo Interactivo Audiovisual –

ch.02 Jan 21, 2016
Panasonic has delivered AV solutions such as projectors to the Museo Interactivo Audiovisual (MUI) located in Santiago, the capital of Chile in South America.
MUI is Chile's first audiovisual museum that uses images throughout its exhibition space. Visitors can experience the latest visual technologies in each space they visit.
The municipal government of Las Condes purchased an old mansion built back in 1943 through to 1945 and began renovating it into a museum in 2012. And the museum opened its doors in November 2015. What is attractive about this museum is the interactivity realized by state-of-the-art technology. In each room of the MUI, cutting-edge audiovisual systems and multimedia artifice have been installed. Panasonic's projectors, monitors, AV solution technologies have all come together to create a special experience for the museum's visitors.
MUI is not a complicated museum for experts. Adults and children alike can enjoy the museum, and it aims to provide excitement and new discoveries to its visitors each time they visit the museum.

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