[Part 4] X-GaN application and its future

ch.02 Oct 16, 2015
In the field of power electronics for electronic devices, the importance of saving energy and miniaturization is increasing rapidly. That is why a new power semiconductor, which can replace silicon semiconductors, which have begun to reach their physical limit, is in demand.
Amid this environment, Panasonic announced the commercialization of a new generation power transistor in May 2015. The same material used in blue LEDs, "GaN (gallium nitride)" helped create this new power transistor.
The developers thought with much excitement, "If we could use this material for semiconductors of power devices, this will bring to life revolutionary performance." Having said that, there were many obstacles they had to overcome, and much trial and error was involved.
So how did the developers overcome these obstacles? Please take a look at the story of how this new power transistor was developed, the potential that was discovered, and how its commercialization came about.

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