Giving back to nature - a large-scale treeplanting at "Nagaki No Mori"

ch.04 Jun 03, 2015
The Kii Mountains are a UNESCO World Heritage. In order to regenerate its forest, Panasonic is undertaking a large-scale treeplanting project at "Nagaki No Mori" in Tanabe City, Wakayama Prefecture. Panasonic began planting trees here to help protect forests as it manufactures a wide range of products made from wood like housing materials. This year marked this initiative's 9th anniversary. Panasonic's "Nagaki No Mori" is the second largest “Corporate Forest” program in Wakayama. This project, which involves planting various species of trees on the 20-hectare plot of land over a decade, is part of the "company-owned forest" program that Wakayama Prefecture is undertaking with the help of other companies to protect the forests and to help address the issues mountain villages are facing due to the aging population and increasing difficulty maintaining forests. 150 new hires and 460 employees and their families mainly from Panasonic Eco Solutions Company planted 5,000 saplings on 2 hectares of land while learning about the environment and nature.