(Taiwanese)Panasonic’s new 3-Blade Wet/Dry Shaver_ES-LT2A-S_MULTI-FLEX 3D HEAD

ch.01 May 13, 2015
[Newly Developed Suspension Mechanism for 3D Movement]

The head simultaneously moves in three directions to absorb the impact on skin from various directions when shaving an uneven surface.

Tree Movement

The head moves up&down according to pressure on the skin.
When shaving under the jaw where the surface is uneven, this reduces the burden on the skin.

The head swings left&right in response to unequal pressure.
Even when shaving slightly uneven areas, it stays uniformly close to the skin for a smooth shave.

The head tilts forward&backward according to movement.
Even when shaving from throat to jaw,the head stays vertical to the skin for easy, one-stroke shaving.

[Reduces Burden on Skin for a Gentle Shave]
The line from the throat to under the jaw is the most difficult place to shave. If the head loses close contact with the skin, whiskers are left uncut, but applying pressure places a burden on skin.

Multi-Flex 3D Head absorbs excessive pressure on the skin and always stays in close vertical contact with the skin for a smooth shave.

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