Cut Out the Darkness / Lantern’zoo

ch.04 Mar 26, 2015
In February 2015, Panasonic presented a "Lantern’ zoo" to Sone, a village in Indonesia's West Timor that has no access to electricity.

Life in an off-grid village can bring many issues of health, safety, education and poverty. Kerosene lamps may be the only option for light at night, but they are bad for health, can cause fires, and are expensive.

Panasonic launched the Cut Out the Darkness project to raise worldwide awareness about the issues faced by people who live in areas with no access to electricity. To decorate the solar lanterns we donate to these areas, we invited anyone around the world to create designs for lantern shades. Through social media and word of mouth, we received 339 designs, and over 110,000 people from 162 countries/areas participated.

This video features the smiles of villagers at the "Lantern’ zoo" unveiling event in Sone. Our hope is that this video will raise more awareness about areas of the world where people still live without electricity.

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