Panasonic Water purifiers TK-AS80 & TK-CS80

ch.01 Jun 12, 2015
Features of Water purifier

-6 stages purification system

-What is Mineral Guard ?
Mineral Guard is an advanced membrane which retains essential minerals required by the body.

-Advanced Eco RO Filter
Panasonic’s RO filter is an advanced membrane that provides clean, healthy water by removing toxins, solid components and odors that are harmful to the body without removing essential minerals.

-Absolute Purity Last stage UV
Just before we get the purified water from the storage tank, the water passes through the UV chamber which kills the bacteria that might have grown in the storage tank.

-Evaluated by third party
Bacterial elimination rate is as high as 99.99%.
This result is certificated by 3rd party; Japan Food Research Laboratories.

-UV Error Alert
If there is any error in the UV lamp it cannot sterilize the water and the water flow stops.
An LED light flashes to inform you to get it checked.

-Energy Saver Mode
The unit goes into stand-by mode when the unit is not in use for 10 minutes.
Uses electricity efficiently.

-Cartridge Change Indicator
Indicates life of the cartridge and stops the flow of water when the cartridge life is over.

-Digitally Controlled Spout
Instead of a cork type spout that requires manual intervention, the spout is digitally controlled with touch buttons to further assure a hygienic supply of water.

-Transparent, Detachable allows easy cleaning and maintenance.

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