Children from singapore and japan learning from each other

ch.04 Jan 16, 2015
The winners of the Environment Champion Industry Module contest held in Singapore (3 primary school and 2 junior high school students, accompanied by 2 teachers) were invited to Morimura Gakuen in Yokohama City on Friday, December 12, and joined the international exchange event with 120 students from 3 fifth grade classes of Morimura Gakuen Primary School.
The Morimura Gakuen students, participant in Panasonic's KWN program this year, planned every detailed timetable and program of the whole event by themselves, including the contents of the event and presentation on their environmental learning.
Thought the time was limited, all the students from the two countries enjoyed the fruitful event through exchanging their own experiences on respective cultures and environmental activities with each other.

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