KX-PRL26 series promotion movie

ch.01 May 13, 2014
Link-to-Cell/Link-to-Mobile Docking Station for iPhone
KX-PRL26 series

KX-PRL26 series are designed for the iPhone both in terms of appearances and practicalness. The chic-looking base unit features a stylish design that matches the iPhone and incorporates a onepush Lightning connector for docking and charging the iPhone. The Lightning connector also swings so that users can easily and quickly undock the iPhone.

Devices compatible with battery charging: iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPod touch with Lightning connector

--- Main features ---
1)Link to Cell / Link to Mobile
By linking your iPhone and the base unit with Bluetooth, you can make and receive iPhone calls through a DECT handset. When an incoming call is received on iPhone, the cordless handset rings, so even if you leave your iPhone in your purse or in another room, you will still be notified when you get a call.
* Up to 2 mobile phones can be registered to a base unit.

2)Stereo Music Playing
With high quality stereo speakers built-in, the base unit can play back music libraries from the iPhone over BluetoothR. And, the Handset can be used to remotely adjust the volume of base unit speakers, or play, stop, skip, repeat, fast-forward and rewind music on the docked iPhone.

3)Hands-Free Video Communication with FaceTime
The speakers and microphone in the base unit allow hands-free video communications via FaceTime. Moreover, the iPhone is charged while it is mounted in the Lightning connector, so there is no need to worry about the battery running low.

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