Do Not Disturb Mode (Night Mode)

ch.01 Mar 25, 2014
Do not disturb mode allows you to select a period of time during which the handset will not ring for outside calls. You can also select categories of callers whose calls override do not disturb mode and ring the handset (Caller ID subscribers only).

2014 models
KX-PRL26 Series
KX-PRD26 Series
KX-TGH26 Series
KX-TGH22 Series
KX-TGH21 Series
KX-TGE27 Series
KX-TGE24 Series
KX-TGE26 Series
KX-TGE22 Series
KX-TGE23 Series
KX-TGE21 Series
* Function availability or specification may vary by country.

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