Creating new possibilities for ambient lighting -Panasonic’s Space Player™-

ch.01 Mar 22, 2014
On February 27, 2014, Panasonic announced the launch of its “Space Player™,” an innovatively new lighting device, which combines the functions of traditional lighting with imaging. This “projection lighting” device provides ample lighting while also projecting images and information such as product description onto the surroundings. This device, which resembles a spotlight, may be attached to the wiring duct, and its direction may be freely adjusted. Shops and facilities can easily incorporate this device into their existent system. Not only will you be able to use still and moving images stored on SD Memory Cards, but you will also be able to wirelessly project images from your PC and tablet. Moreover, Panasonic will propose and sell content that meets customers’ unique needs and also create a “projection lighting” market. Please take a look at scenes from the announcement and the LED Next Stage 2014 held subsequently.

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