Panasonic 7-in-1 Wet/Dry Epilator ES-ED94 | Hair removal & exfoliation for extra smooth skin

ch.01 Mar 19, 2014
Learn how easy it is to achieve the silkiest, smoothest skin with Panasonic’s new 7 in 1 Epilator.

The new epilator comes with a built-in exfoliation brush. Panasonic's original twin screws in the brush generate a rich foam that reduces friction on the skin for gentle cleansing.

Sonic Vibration creates a fine oscillating motion to remove dead skin cells with a soft touch and
speed not possible with washing by hand.

Featuring multiple advanced functions, Panasonic's epilator offers beautiful and comfortable epilation anytime.
The new Pivot System makes it easier to shave difficult-to-reach places like legs and underarms.

A total of 48 tweezers on the Double Disc and the Gentle Cap remove hair effectively, quickly and gently.

There's also an LED light that helps you shave hard-to-see areas. And you can use the epilator in the bath with foam for even more comfortable epilation.