Vol.1 Development –Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2013–

ch.05 Dec 04, 2013
The first volume of the documentary, which covers the Tokai University Solar Car Team’s challenge.
One of the worlds’ largest solar car races, the “Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2013,” which travels across the Australian continent, was held.
It is a tough race in which participants must race 3,000km solely on solar power.
Tokai University’s solar car, the Tokai Challenger, equipped with Panasonic’s HIT solar modules and lithium-ion batteries finished the race in second place.
Two and a half months before the race. Panasonic’s engineer delivered the HIT solar modules especially modified for the race.
It was now in the hands of the students to build the machine, fine-tune it, and apply the modules optimally through trial and error. This video introduces how the students worked closely together to prepare for the race.

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